New charity partnership clear for take-off

We're delighted to announce that London Luton Airport staff have selected Luton Foodbank for a new three-year

This relationship will see colleagues from across the airport working with us to raise vital funds. We will continue to receive food and confiscated...

Wear it Red

How it works

Share the love by wearing something red (e.g., socks, tie, scarf, etc.) on the day.
Make a donation of just £3 each to help support the Mayor's charities, which are L&D University Hospital Helipad Appeal & Luton Foodbank

Please email pictures...

At this time of year, many families have to choose between heating their homes and buying enough food. If you find yourself in this position, Luton Foodbank is here to help. Find out more at

Carl must survive on the odd day’s work.

26-year-old Carl has worked hard as a mechanic since moving to Luton in 2013. The outbreak of COVID-19 meant a dramatic decline in demand for his skills, so Carl must survive on the odd day’s work. Even though his landlord has agreed reduced rent for time, he still can’t afford...

Meet Olivia

Olivia doesn’t know her mum’s benefits were suddenly stopped. She doesn’t know her mum skipped meals so she wouldn’t have to. She doesn’t know your donations helped tide them over till they could relocate to be with family.

But mum knows.

She asked us to...

Emergency appeal

Luton Foodbank needs your help!

COVID-19's continues to impact our community, and we fear the vulnerable in our town will be hit the hardest.

Now, more than ever, we are relying on the generous support of Luton residents to donate food items and make monetary...

“Work dried up soon after lockdown began.”

"I’m on a zero-hours contract as a cleaner, and work dried up soon after lockdown began. The loss of £160 a week is devastating. I don’t want to think too far ahead, but deep down I know I’ll struggle to give my three young children the basics. I’m concerned that because I...

Not allowed to work

A couple living in Home Office accommodation are not permitted to work in the UK or access public funds while they navigate the asylum-seeking process. In an unfamiliar area, with young children to feed, they simply could not survive. Fortunately, they found Flying Start South, a...