Getting help in Luton
Citizens Advice, the Law Centre, and Luton Rights have a team of highly trained advisers working together to offer practical support and assistance on a wide range of problems including:

  • Debt
  • Welfare benefits
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Immigration

Confidential and impartial advice is available everyone, free.


  • Community House 15 New Bedford Road Luton LU1 1SA Open Monday to Friday


  • Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm


  • 0344 245 1285

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Getting help online
Many websites offer help and support to people struggling with debt and financial worry. Caution is needed because some services may turn out to be fee based. The sites listed below are Government approved and do not sell anything.

  • Offers a debt-resolution service
  • Users complete a form detailing all their income and expenditure
  • StepChange uses this information to recommend an action plan
  • StepChange can contact companies you owe money to and negotiate manageable repayments
  • Manageable repayments are collected from you by StepChange, which disperses the money to all the companies concerned


The Money Advice Service
  • Set up and funded by the Government using taxes on financial services
  • Online tools, including mortgage calculators and a budget planner
  • Letter templates
  • Guidebooks an a range of money topics
  • Interactive timeline to help predict the financial impact of having a baby
  • Live chat