Need food AND in financial hardship

Luton Foodbank may be able to help. Please contact Luton Council or Citizens advice for a telephone assessment.

Luton Council: 0800 456 1673

Citizens Advice: 0808 278 7847

Other food sources for those in need

If you run a similar food service, please get in touch so we can add to this list.

Action Force

Service: Hot cooked meals and essential food and toiletries delivered to those who need it the most.

Run by: Action Force Community Group

Contact: Web form

Changing Lives Forever

Service: Soup Kitchen

Run by: Changing Lives Forever

Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 6pm - 7pm

Place: In front of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) 15-17 George Street


Discover Islam

Service: Curry Kitchen

Run by: Discover Islam

Time: Every Friday, from 6.30pm

Place: Discover Islam, 37c Upper George Street

Contact: Web form

Empowering Education

Service: Food kitchen

Run by: Empowering Education

Time: Every Thursday, 6.30pm - 8pm

Place: 74 Dallow Road

Contact: 07555 726984


Service: COVID-19 Support - Meals

Run by: Lantern

Place: Online/delivery

Contact: Web form

Level Trust / We Are Luton

Service: Clothing / Food / Learning Resources

Run by: Level Trust / We Are Luton


Luton Town Football Club

Service: not-for-profit food parcel order and delivery service WITH DELIVERY FOR VULNERABLE / ELDERLY / KEY WORKERS

Run by: Luton Town Football Club

Time: Monday - Friday

Place: Online/delivery

Contact: Details on LTFC website


Elderly and/or with underlying health condition

Luton Council: 01582 547659

Age Concern Luton: 01582 456812

Self-isolating and need food/medicine or someone to speak to

Discover Islam: 01582 452356

Empowering Education: 07555 726984

Mercy Worldwide: 07950 541170   07950 541244

Christchurch Bushmead: 07307 191582  07824 534049

Hockwell Ring Masjid: 07973 337269  07903 236926

Parent/Carer of a disabled child/adult
Friends of Bright Eyes: 07871 500706
Need Advice or guidance

Luton Irish Forum: 01582 720447

Citizens Advice: 03442 451285

Direction for Bedfordshire: 01582 721010  0800 917 5579



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