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Luton Foodbank shopping list

Rice pudding (Tinned) Instant noodles Meat (Tinned)
Custard (Tinned) Vegetables (Tinned) Fruit (Tinned)
Fruit Juice (Carton) Dried rice (500g) Soup
Milk (UHT) Baked beans (Tinned) Tomatoes (Tinned)
Fish (Tinned) Tinned pasta in sauce Sauce for pasta
Breakfast cereal Tea bags Biscuits (single packs)
Sugar (500g)

Please check that the expiry date of your donated food is more than two months away.


Please remember that not only should donated food be well within date, it should also have been stored appropriately, because it's not possible for us to tell from the label whether it's been stored badly.


 * You can find a list of drop-off points at but please bear in mind that it could go out of date very quickly. We will strive to keep it up to date.