Mill Road Bridge, Hertford to Millstream Bridge, Broxbourne

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The River Lea makes its way through Hertford peacefully and with clear water. People are friendly and one kindly man asked about my tee shirt and when I said that I was walking to raise money for Luton Food Bank he put his hand into his pocket, brought out his change and asked how much would I like. I said cautiously, a pound? and he replied Have it all- then he smiled and added- now I’ll have to go to the food bank myself!

To-day I was walking with my friend Astrid and we enjoyed seeing the first lock on the river and were impressed by the width and dignity of the
river as it made its stately way past mansions which had immaculate lawns with willow trees that grew on the edge of the river banks; and at Ware, we loved the Gazebos that were built in the 18 th century so that the wealthy residents could enjoy the delights of the riverside in luxury.

We were delighted with Kings Meade where rare wild flowers grow undisturbed; and Kiwi enjoyed sampling canal water at irregular intervals (no, he didn’t fall in but that was more by luck than judgement).

We ended our day’s walk at Dobbs Weir and enjoyed our lunch overlooking the river that is ever changing and always intriguing.