Mill Green Hatfield to Mill Road Bridge Hertford

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We met outside the Museum at Mill Green, and we were close to the only working watermill left on the River Lea; it was a special place.

There were twelve of us, including Louise from Hatfield Food Bank, Chris from Luton Food Bank and Jane from the Museum who gave us a generous, extra donation in a Very Authentic Sack. It was a lovely meeting and such a friendly send off.

Chris said he would walk with Kiwi and me and we said good bye to our new friends and the river and we set off along the path next to a noisy road. Then we walked along the outskirts of Welwyn Garden City with its carefully tended gardens, wide road and noisy traffic.

At length we came to a former railway line- and as we walked we found peace and trees and Kiwi found squirrels – or hoped he had found squirrels- to chase.

When we had nearly reached Hertford Chris, at last, found the River Lea flowing serenely on its way to Hertford. And in next to no time we were happily eating our lunch in a friendly pub before the last stage of our walk through Hertford, past the gardens and the castle and on to the River Lea which runs now so proudly, with narrow boats moored to its banks and overlooked by ancient cottages.

We had enjoyed our walk- all three of us.