Thank you for your interest in helping tackle hunger in Luton. We always need more volunteers, so it doesn’t matter whether you can spare a couple of days a week or just a couple of hours. If you have any questions, or want to attend an induction session, please get in touch today.



Mon 10am-midday 1pm-4pm High Town
Tue 1pm-4pm High Town
Wed 1pm-4pm High Town
Thu 10am-midday High Town
Fri 10am-midday 1pm-4pm High Town


   We are looking for a relief driver to cover for absence during the week; approx 3-4 hrs each session

Distribution Points

Mon 11am-1pm Marsh Farm
Tue 1pm-3pm Town centre
Wed 10am-midday Town centre
Thu 1pm-3pm Town centre
Fri 10am-midday / 2pm-4pm High Town

We are looking for relief distribution volunteers who would be able to cover for holidays and sickness.


Supermarket collections

One Sat/Sun a month 11am-1pm 1pm-3pm Co-op, Sainsbury's, Tesco

The following areas can be discussed and arranged. (am / pm / eve)

  • Fundraising
  • PR, marketing, and events
  • Website and social media
Code of practice


Luton Foodbank is based on best practice in volunteering. This Code of Practice aims to contribute towards a constructive and pleasant atmosphere in which to volunteer. It outlines what is expected of anyone acting as a volunteer and what they can expect in return. Volunteers are asked to sign this agreement, return to Luton Foodbank staff and retain one copy for themselves. This Code of Practice establishes a set of standards designed to help all understand the requirements of the voluntary activity, event organisers and the volunteers. As a general principle, volunteers should be clear about what they are doing and when, and this should be agreed in advance. However, where possible and reasonable, volunteers should also be flexible, support staff, volunteers and event and activity organisers where they can. The Code of Practice does not indicate a contractual relationship between volunteers and Luton Foodbank. The following standards will apply at all times.


Luton Foodbank Volunteers Can Expect:

● Clarity with regard to volunteering activities including attendance time, locations, breaks and travel and subsidence arrangements ● Appropriate training for their volunteer role ● Appropriate supervision with a named contact person at each event or activity. ● Volunteering in healthy and safe environment ● Equality of opportunity ● Day-to-day volunteering will not be eligible for reimbursement of expenses, reimbursement of agreed (with the Chair, Treasurer or Coordinator) extra-ordinary expenses will be allowed.

Opportunities to

● Get involved with the local community ● Put your existing skills to good use, develop new skills ● Improve employment prospects ● Meet new people and feel part of a team

Whilst representing Luton Foodbank

You must:

● Behave accordingly to the Luton Foodbank Volunteers Code of Practice and abide by all relevant policies and procedures at all times when volunteering for Luton Foodbank. ● Undertake volunteering activities as agreed with the core volunteer, event or activity organiser ● Attend appropriate training as agreed ● Wear clothing suitable for your role and appropriate uniform if provided ● Take responsibility for your own health and safety, reporting any concerns to the identified supervisor. ● Contact the identified supervisor should any problems in observing this code of practice arise

A volunteer must:

● Understand, respect and work at all times without prejudice to race, age, ethnic origins, disability, gender, physical and mental health, religion, sexuality or cultural background. ● Understand that all forms of discrimination, including bullying and harassment are unacceptable and contravene the Luton Foodbank Diversity and Equality Policy. ● Perform his/her duties with honesty, integrity, impartiality, objectivity and a positive attitude

You Must Not:

● Take or be under the influence of drugs and drink ● Smoke, except during agreed break times ● Take any risks with your personal safety, or the safety of others ● Engage or intervene in any public order offences or criminal activities ● Use offensive language, or make inappropriate jokes or remarks

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