Please do NOT call at our office for food parcels. Click here to find out how to get a voucher and redeem it.


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Anyone can find they’re unable to cope with food costs, but you will need a voucher in order to claim food parcels. See one of our referrers to see if you qualify for a voucher.

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Many of our clients are working – sometimes at two or three jobs – but still in crisis. They might have recently lost their job, in which case selling their car might disadvantage them in the jobs market. Rest assured that our service is not about giving freebies to the lazy or greedy. Our clients are referred to us because of genuine need, and we support them while they get back on track.

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We have permanent collection points across the town. Please see our List of drop-off locations to find the one most convenient for you.

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We generally ask that all donated items have a long shelf life (i.e., the “use-by” date is a long way off). We cannot store fresh fruit/vegetables, or any items which need to be kept in the fridge or freezer.

Up-to-date list of needed items: Food list

If you really are still struggling, please contact us so that we can make an assessment of your situation.

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Luton Foodbank

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