While many children from low-income families get free school meals in term time, there is no provision during holidays. Three million children in the UK are at risk of going hungry during school holidays, and with Luton having some of the poorest wards in the country, it's vital that Luton Foodbank is ready to prevent this in our town.


    The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on hunger published a report showing that hunger amongst children during the school holidays may exacerbate inequalities that already exist between children from wealthier and poorer backgrounds. Those children most at risk of hunger during the holidays may also suffer from social isolation, loneliness, and inactivity. These factors combined can lead to significant weight loss or gain, and negative impacts on physical and mental well-being.

Luton Foodbank's Stop Holiday Hunger campaign anticipates a need for more Child Food Parcels during school holidays. Raising money enables us to buy needed food items throughout the year.

Get your school involved

We hope that local children will help raise funds by taking part in non-uniform days. Children in participating schools can wear their own choice of clothes for one day, and those who can afford to are invited to bring a £1 foodbank donation to class. Click here for details.


Schools in the area have been incredibly supportive over the years, and we hope they will commit to embedding an annual Luton Foodbank Non-uniform Day into their school calendar during the final week of any term until the shadow of food poverty has passed.

Teachers who would like more information are invited to call 01582 725838 or email info@lutonfoodbank.org.uk. We'd be happy to visit your school and talk to the children in assembly about out work.

Get your office on board

Whether or not your office already has a casual Friday policy, this is a great way to make it known that you and your colleagues refuse to sit by while future employees are going hungry. Click here for details.





Show your support for Stop Holiday Hunger by downloading one of our posters here. Photograph yourself holding it and upload on this page or share on our Facebook or Twitter.