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When I woke up I said to my husband ‘I’m terrified’. He asked ‘Why?’ And I hadn’t a clue why.

But Kiwi, our dog, knew that Something Was Up. He liked his new collar and lead but when I told him he was going to meet the Mayor, he just ate his breakfast quickly and jumped into the

When we arrived at Leagrave Park car park a large group of people was already there. I didn’t know who they were or why they were there but John said - they are here for you Maggie- so I said hello to everyone and took Kiwi for a short run because there were tears in my eyes.

More people came and our musicians – the Mouse Assassins and the Ukimaniacs sang with such cheerful enthusiasm it set the mood for the rest of the day. The Mayor wished us all well and sent us on our way – and eighteen friendly walkers came with Kiwi and me to begin our Lea Valley Walk.

We made all made it to Wardown Park in record time- and met even more friends on the way.

But then it was time for thank yous and goodbyes- as people needed to catch a train or go to their daughter’s birthday party- And three of us were left – like the three musketeers, except we didn’t have horses – just two dogs- and we skilfully dodged all the bicycles we met along the track to Harpenden and our journey’s end. And a kind cyclist took a photo of us together in front of my favourite statue of Eric Morecombe, Capability Brown, and a Sea Cadet – because the Sea Cadets learned their skills on the River Lea.