During World Cup month, eighteen Luton schools took part in our "Healthy Food Champions" initiative. This involved numerous assemblies and inspirational workshops, and two days at Luton Town Football Club. We also visited Luton Allstars Football Club and Luton Sporting Club FC.

The sessions were delivered by the fabulous Amar Azam, Karl Nova, and staff of Luton Town FC Community Trust.
Many thanks to to them, and also many thanks and congratulations to all SIX THOUSAND young champions from Beech Hill Primary School, Dallow Primary School, Denbigh Primary School, Downside Primary School, Farley Junior School, Foxdell Infant School, Hillborough Infant School, Hillborough Junior School, Leagrave Primary School, Maidenhall Primary School, Pirton Hill Primary School, St Matthew’s Primary School, Someries Infant School, Southfield Primary School, Surrey Street Primary School, Wenlock Junior School, Whitefield Primary School, and Wigmore Primary School.