A simple thank you can mean so much. Despite the difficulties of the past 10 months, local businesses have continued to serve our communities, making them our business heroes.

From restaurant owners to accountants, shop owners to traders, all have contributed to the fight against hunger.

Alvastone, local bespoke clothing and merchandise supplier, is a business hero that's supported us for many years.

Bilal, Director of Alvastone, takes up the story...

"To us, Luton Foodbank is an important organisation as it helps fulfil people’s basic necessity. Food is the most basic commodity that people should not go without. Food banks should not have to exist in this country, but while they do, we'll be here to give support to those who need it.

"Supporting Luton Foodbank has opened our eyes to poverty in the local area. The figures are horrifying, so we feel privileged to support such a giving organisation.

"We do not want our neighbours to go hungry, so we encourage those in need to not be embarrassed about getting help. We also encourage those that can help to spread awareness, and to practise empathy.

"As a small local organisation, we want to demonstrate our appreciation towards business heroes' charitable service in the Luton area.

"We are inspired by their approach to addressing issues and making things better for their customers and colleagues."

Other businesses supporters, such as Old Skool Pantry, embraced the local community by donating food from their kitchen that would otherwise go off during the lockdown. King Print continues to provide printed material to raise awareness, and to reach those in need. Not forgetting Electrolux, who supplied volunteers during the first lockdown. Without generosity like this, Luton Foodbank would not be able to operate. We thank all businesses that have contributed to our mission of eradicating hunger in Luton.

If you have been impacted by COVID19, or know anybody that has, remember Luton Foodbank is here to help.