Food banks play a vital role in feeding people. We recognise that there is enough food available, but often it goes unused. This means that, as well as feeding those that cannot afford food, food banks also save a lot of food that would otherwise be wasted. Whilst some areas of the world are notorious for food wastage. Other parts of the world do not have access to enough food. Although it is easy to think of hunger as a third world problem, often, these problems occur in our own country, in our own town and possibly on the same street we live on.

When thinking of those that experience food poverty, you may be surprised to believe who it affects. We meet a wide variety of people such as students, families, or even zero-hour contract workers that have suffered since Covid-19. For them, using the foodbank gives them a break from thinking about not being able to afford food, and spares them some time to plan their next steps into recovering from financial hardship. Whether they just lost their job, had an unexpected expense or have had their salary substantially reduced, the food bank enables them an opportunity of relief.

We often don’t see the same people more than a couple of times as our job of helping them into a better position has been fulfilled. However, in some instances, the service we provide often comes around in a full circle. For instance, some of those that have had their lives positively impacted by the Luton Foodbank, proudly volunteer alongside us as their way of giving back.

Until Luton becomes a food secure town, your local food bank is here for you. If you want to find out more about the Luton Foodbank services and how we may be able to help you, contact for more information.

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