Your Say, Your Way is a £1,250 grant managed by Luton Borough Council. Residents vote for a project they’d like to see happening in their area. In this way, local priorities come directly from local people.​​

Luton Foodbank wants to reach and help more people by running a local networking event at the community centre. This will give over 10 local good causes a chance to come together and raise awareness in the community.

Our aim as a charity is not just to provide food, but to help and empower families so that they can overcome the difficulties which led to needing help. Linking up with other partners will help enormously in this respect.

We would like to keep the communication going and have someone to advocate the services on a weekly basis through signposting. Currently we rely on volunteers to manage our distribution centres but due to the number of food parcels issued going up by 33% we are finding the increase difficult to manage.

If you live in High Town, you can vote online (before the end of Wednesday 20 September) or drop in to High Town Community, Sports & Arts Centre on 23 September.

If you live in the Lewsey area, you can vote at Lewsey Community Centre on Saturday 28 October (midday-4pm).