What our clients say

Would not have survived

I go to an All Women’s Centre in Luton and I saw a poster about the coffee morning. I wanted to come and say thank you to Luton Foodbank. I was abused by my ex-partner and I would not have survived without the foodbank. Money was never a problem and then all of it was gone. You never choose to be a domestic violence victim. You can be hard up for money or a billionaire and still be a victim of abuse. I just wanted to express my thanks to Luton Foodbank for helping people when no one else will.


turned our lives around


It’s been emotional!

We’d never heard of food banks before we were referred about eighteen months ago.  It was just a case of poor planning with a bit of bad luck coming at the wrong moment, and suddenly WOOSH everything went pear-shaped.  I can still remember the look on the kids’ faces when they got in from school and saw all the food.  Their smiles got to me and I just cried with relief, and that set my husband off too LOL.  It was a proper feast after living on cup-a-soup for a week.  Three days’ food saw us through, and gave us enough breathing room to address the things that had gone wrong. We’ve never looked back!  Now we always drop a can or two in the collection box.


foodbank kept our family together

we were at rock bottom with wife ill and me lost my job. bills mounting up and couldnt even afford the basics, got sent to foodbank & it got us thru. well never forget it. THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!


I have no idea what I would have done without Luton Foodbank

It was scary moving to a new town where I knew nobody, and with nothing but a few pounds in my purse. I had absolutely no idea where to turn or who to ask for help. I survived for a few weeks on rice and beans with very little left for luxuries like deodorant or toilet roll. I had never even heard of a food bank until my doctor told me about it. I was really nervous standing there outside the building, voucher hidden in my pocket, and worrying about people seeing me come out with bags with “Foodbank” written on them. The thought of people judging me for needing help almost made me walk away. But I was pleasantly surprised at how polite and well-mannered the staff were. They sat me down, we had a little chat. They explained that if I ever needed them again I only had to ask. I felt cared for, like I did matter. And the bags were just normal shopping bags, after all. Foodbanks make a huge impact in every way: that one food parcel can mean so much to somebody. I now volunteer at Luton Foodbank, and proudly work alongside the amazing people who helped me out so much through my difficult time.

Foodbank volunteer

A life saved

I am not being dramatic when I say Luton Foodbank saved my life. I had no food, no money, I was unable to work due to my mental health and I was on the verge of giving up altogether. There was a young girl who gave me my food and she could not have been more kind. A warm smile from her and the help I received saved my life. I cannot thank you enough.




ELishA xxx


It was just before christmas,a horrible time to be hard up,knowing the children were looking forward to the big day.But we did not have money to even feed ourselfs let alone buy presents.I had a friend on facebook who had done some volunteer work for the food bank and she said ask at the school and they gave me a form to take to the food bank.I was really upset and nervous and I would not have gone probably if it werent for the children.All I could think was it is really going to do hurt them if we dont get some help.The people were so nice.You have just really helped us out.It’s been a big blessing.Thank you so very very much.


What our supporters say

A cause that unites

This a cause that unites Christians, Muslims and those of all faiths and none.We look forward to continuing to support you as long as you are needed in our town.

Giving back to the community

Being a Luton based business, we feel it is important to give back to the community we are part of. Day by day more and more families are struggling to make ends meet and feed themselves. We decided to partner with the Luton Foodbank in a humble effort to contribute to the need facing those families going to bed hungry; it would be socially irresponsible for a cooperation such as ours to go to bed on a full stomach whilst sections of our community go to bed hungry. We encourage local companies and individuals to share with us in this collective responsibility and support the invaluable work that the Luton Foodbank is doing for our community.

Good cause

Roy Walker of King Print

Luton Foodbank is a good cause which is much needed at the moment.

Amazing opportunity

This is an amazing opportunity for us to show charity to our local neighbours.

Shaykh Zubair

Our collective responsibility

Thank you to all the volunteers and the foodbank team who help us address our collective responsibility to the needy.

Pleased to support the foodbank

Gemma Edmonds

As a community retailer we are pleased to support the foodbank and its work to make a difference to the lives of people locally who are in difficulty. We now have nine stores in the area supporting the foodbank, and we would like to say thank you to our members and customers whose generous donations will make a huge difference to people in need in our community.

Gemma Edmonds, Area Manager

Excellent job

We strongly believe in supporting our Local Community so what better way than supporting Luton Foodbank who have done an excellent job in trying to eradicate food poverty in Luton due to recent cuts to welfare.

We all need to support this good cause

Luton Foodbank is doing fantastic work in the community, trying to keep people from going hungry, and we all need to support this good cause.


I am proud to be part of a board of trustees that is working hard to ensure that no-one in Luton goes hungry.

Why I support foodbank

We were just coming up to our GCSEs when a friend of mine started acting a bit weird. He stayed in the library all lunch time and said he wasn’t hungry. He had always been best in our class at maths but he started to do really badly in tests and once he even fell asleep in class. I thought he was going to end up being expelled or something but next thing I knew he was beating me in maths and eating lunch with the rest of us again. He told me later that there had been problems at home but that things were ok after a couple of visits to the foodbank. He made me promise not to tell anyone, like he was ashamed or something. I don’t really get that. I mean, whatever the problems were, they weren’t his fault. He didn’t deserve to go hungry. I support the foodbank because there’s only one difference between my friend and me: Bad luck.

College student

Positive comments

I have now attended two outreach sessions and completed surveys with service users and would like to say how positive comments have been about Foodbank volunteersClients have expressed how comfortable and welcome they have been made to feel.

An essential service

The Foodbank is an essential service being provided to local residents in their time of need. We have been supporting the Foodbank for a number of years. I’m very proud of the team and all the volunteers involved in the Foodbank.

We will continue to support them and would encourage the Luton community to support them throughout the year.

Imam Jahangir Ahmed


It is very heartening to witness community spirit in action.

Amelia Whitehouse, Head Teacher

Love the energy

I love the energy of Luton Foodbank and would like to get involved. I have been on TV cooking a couple of times and would love to organise events in the community. I look forward to working together.

Martin Palmer


Martin Blower

I am proud to work alongside Luton Foodbank and continue to promote the work done in the community.

Support this essential cause

We support Luton Foodbank because we believe no one should go hungry in Luton. We sponsor a food line that is put in every food parcel. We believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to support this essential cause.