Harpenden to Hatfield

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We had a lovely, friendly meeting with David and Robert who is Trustee of St Albans District Food Bank – and were shown Harpenden food bank warehouse- on the banks of the River Lea.

But we did enjoy Batford Springs Nature Reserve- given its rich variety of life by the River Lea. Kiwi was clear that it is just the place for a dog (like him) who loves running fast in wide circles.

We made our way to Wheathamstead and enjoyed a well earned cup of excellent coffee and walked on to the golf course at Brocket Hall.

We saw a few golfers: but then there were about 3 drops of rain, so they all vanished – we believed to enjoy a delicious lunch at Brocket Hall itself.

We walked on to an excellent pub at Lemsford- described by Elizabeth 1 st as ‘the prettiest village in England.’ But we only visited the Pub.

Then it was on to Stanborough Park. The star performers here are the lakes which give pleasure to so many families and fishermen on summer days. To-day however, it was raining and swans, coots and ducks were undisturbed on the lakes while the River Lea ran its quiet and peaceful course nearby.