Kind-hearted listeners of community radio station Inspire FM have done their bit to alleviate school-holiday hunger this summer. Listeners donated a staggering £9,568 over the recent Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which ended on 24 June.

Left to right: Thakor Morarji, Peter Adams, Liz Stringer, Mohammed Tariq, Salma Khan

The Feed a Child campaign, a partnership between Luton Foodbank and Inspire FM, aims to tackle the growing problem of children from poor families returning to school after holidays malnourished as result of a poor diet.

There are many disadvantaged families in our town

Mohammed Tariq

Station manager Mohammed Tariq said, ‘There are many disadvantaged families in our town, and we are proud that our campaign was met with a great response from our listeners. Food poverty is something that affects all communities in the town. However, we know the Foodbank is able to provide support for these families. This is why we are supportive of the charity.’

In April, the report Hungry Holidays, by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger, warned that too many children survive on crisps and energy drinks as a result of not having school meals. A child not at school as a result of summer holidays is thought to add between £30–£40 to a family’s outgoings in a week.

We wish to thank Inspire FM listeners for their efforts

Liz Stringer

Foodbank chairperson Liz Stringer added, ‘We are very familiar with holiday hunger, but sadly it is on the rise. We work hard to promote the various support points for vulnerable families as not all know how we can support them. ‘We wish to thank Inspire FM listeners for their efforts.’