People need help

The weather is getting wetter and colder. We may want to turn the heating on.

The nights are drawing. We'll need the lights on earlier too.

Imagine having to choose between feeding yourself and heating your home. Or between giving your child dinner and giving them light to do their homework.

Sadly, these dilemmas are a reality for many people in our town. Last year we gave out 9,175 food parcels - more than ever before. As the need for food in Luton has increased, so has the need for community generosity.

If you are facing this kind of crisis, go to


How your school can make a real difference

Every year the schools abd offices in Luton are very generous at Harvest time in giving to those who are in need.

If you would like to get involved, you can organise a food collection at your school.

To reduce our running costs, we are now offering downloadable resources such as a poster, video, and slideshow. These will help you to publicise your collection.

Last year we collected 25,000 items of food during Harvest Festival. Please help us to exceed the target this year.


Needed items

Tinned fruit

Tinned veg

Tinned fish

Tinned meat

Long-life milk

Please note we cannot accept fresh/perishable produce.


Running your school or office collection

  1. Decide
    Choose a date or week in October for your collection
    Nominate collection point(s)
    Set aside space for storing donations

  2. Download
    Our A4 posters have space for you to fill in your chosen collection date. School poster (341K).   Office poster (251K).
    Slideshow (6.25MB) - Short and snappy, this Powerpoint presentation is perfect for slotting into assembly or meeting.

  3. Declare
    Announce your collection to the school/office. You could mention it in the newsletter, post about it on your own website and social media, or even email parents (subject to GDPR).
    A one-minute animation is available on our YouTube channel.
    And don't forget to let us know you'll be taking part. Email

  4. Do
    Receive items brought in by children/colleagues, and store them safely.

  5. Donate
    We'll bring our van to your school. Please ensure the food is bagged (no boxes) and call the office on 01582 725838 (10am-4pm) to arrange your food collection at least 3 days in advance. Details of the collection schedule are given below.
    Van collection timetable
    Day AM PM
    Mon 11am - 12 noon 1.30pm - 3pm
    Tue 9.30am - 11am NA
    Wed 10am - 11am NA
    Thu 9.30am - 11am NA
    Fri 10am - 11am 2pm - 3pm

    These times are subject to availability as they have to be incorporated into the van’s usual daily collections:

  6. Debrief
    All participating schools will be acknowledged on our website and social media channels. Please watch these for details of total donation numbers, etc. Your pupils will want to know how much they helped.