From 5th-9th June, we will be fundraising with our friends at Inspire FM. Please listen in (online or on 105.1 FM) and visit VirginMoneyGiving to contribute.

This Friday (9 June) we encourage you to support FAST-A-THON by skipping a meal and donating the money saved. FAST-A-THON- is a simple way to help us raise funds and awareness.

For a greater challenge, you can download a sponsorship form, and get friends and family to donate when you fast.

We invite you to break your fast with us on the evening of 9 June at 9pm. Come along for a 3-course meal courtesy of Mashwi restaurant. (Suggested donation for meal:£10.) You can hand over the money you have raised at the time, or use our secure FAST-A-THON donations page at VirginMoneyGiving. (Please state that your donation was raised for FAST-A-THON.)

Do you know someone who doesn't usually fast? We challenge you to persuade them to join in. There's a special prize for the person who recruits the most new fasters.


Our standard adult food parcel contains three days' non-perishable food. Can you come up with an tasty and original recipe using only items from the list below? 

Email your recipe to - the sender of the best recipe will be invited to cook it live our Facebook video stream.

Tea bags (40)
Dried pasta (1kg)
Pasta sauce (1 jar)
Biscuits (1 packet)
Dry rice (500g)
Tinned tomatoes (2 tins)
Tinned vegetables (2 tins)
Rice pudding / custard (1 tin)
Tinned pasta / noodles (1 tin/pack)
Tinned fish (1 tin)
Spread (1 jar)
Meat (1 tin)
Beans (2 tins) 
Soup (2 tins)
Tinned fruit (2 tins) 
Fruit juice (1 carton)
UHT Milk (1 carton)
Sugar (500g)
Cereal (1 box)




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