We’d love to come to school assembly and give a presentation to the students. Please contact us to arrange something!

Meanwhile, you can find resources at lutonfoodbank.org.uk/schools. Please check back often, because we’re always adding stuff!

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We do distribute some non-food items, such as female sanitary products. 

If you want to donate other items, such as clothes and blankets, it may be better to approach other local charities. For more information, please get in touch.

You certainly can! One of our biggest challenges is raising awareness. You can help in a big way by printing items from our Posters page to display at your school or place of work.

Category: Helping us FAQ

If you’re fundraising for Luton Foodbank, you can use the logos here.

Category: Helping us FAQ

We don’t believe that someone needing help should not be able to enjoy treats, so the short answer is yes, they will. But please bear the following points in mind:

  • Donated items have to be collected, moved, and stored, so something fragile that could be broken is not suitable.
  • We have no chilled storage, so products that need to be kept in the fridge or freezer are definitely out. Sadly, we would have no choice but to throw them away.
  • Equally important, the item’s remaining shelf-life shouldn’t be too short.
  • Our food list has been carefully prepared to represent the best balance of nutrition and value, so sticking to it is the best way to ensure you’re helping combat hunger.

But, provided your “non-list” donation is suitable for transport and storage, it will find its way to our Bonus Table. (See video Exploring a distribution centre.) When a client collects their food parcel, which is made up of essentials from the list, they have the opportunity to choose something from the Bonus Table. It’s a great way to ensure food parcels have the maximum benefit and still allow people a nice treat. So, as long as it can be moved and stored easily, any donation is very welcome.

Category: Helping us FAQ

Ask us!

You can contact us using our online form, email info@lutonfoodbank.org.uk, message us on Twitter or Facebook, call us on 01582 725838, or write to us at: Luton Foodbank, PO Box 1379, Luton, LU1 9PS. We’ll try to answer your question, and if we can do so, you’ll probably see it added to these FAQ pages.


Some high-profile politicians and pundits have alleged this, but a report commissioned by DefRA (the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) disagrees. You can download the report here.

The report’s authors went so far as to state:

We found no evidence to support the idea that increased food aid provision is driving demand.

All available evidence, both in the UK and internationally, points in the opposite direction. Put simply, there is more need, and informal food aid providers are trying to help.

But you don’t need a Government report to work this one out. At every stage of a Luton Foodbank client’s journey, he or she is offered professional support and encouraged to take the right steps to remedy their situation. Significantly, most foodbanks—including Luton Foodbank—operate a policy limiting the number of uses someone can make of their service. Any so-called “dependency” would have a maximum duration of about two weeks. Since 87% of our users are back on their feet after only one or two visits, the pundits clearly didn’t do their homework.


Your business may be able to offer facilities or goods directly. For example, some local printers have helped us produce promotional material. Alternatively, you may be tempted by our range of sponsorship packages, which offer various rewards for annual donations.

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How can my business help?

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Yes, you can donate by card via Paypal or VirginMoneyGiving on our Give money page.

You can also opt in to Gift Aid, which means more money for us, at no extra cost to you.

Hard to believe?

Go to our donations page and see!
Donate now

Gift Aid is a government tax incentive which allows charities to claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated – at no additional cost to the giver.

More more information, see Wikipedia.

Hard to believe?

Go to our donations page and see!
Take advantage!
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We have permanent collection points across the town. Please see our List of drop-off locations to find the one most convenient for you.

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Sadly, we are unable to accept perishable foods due to the associated problems with storage and distribution. If you have fresh or frozen food you want to donate, please contact NOAH Enterprise on 01582 728416. NOAH carries out wonderful work with homeless and socially disadvantaged people in Luton.

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We need both, so it’s up to you! Non-perishable food items chosen from our food list have the wonderful quality of variety, which can really mean a lot to the person who ends up with it. Donations of money help us to plug the gaps if a particular food type is in short supply.

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We’d love it if you did! Perhaps you could host a food drive or a sporting fundraiser like Big Pedal or Colour Run.

Or how about organising fundraising coffee morning?

Please contact us for advice.

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Throughout the year we hold many fundraising events, from coffee mornings to sports challenges. Watch our events page for up-to-date details.

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We often need help in our warehouse (High Town area), help with driving, and help with supermarket collections. Details of days/times can be found by following the link below. You must be over 18 years old to volunteer, but younger people may wish to help by organising a food collection at school, or doing a sponsored challenge like this.

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You can donate money via Paypal or VirginMoneyGiving. You can opt to apply Gift Aid to your donations, which increases the amount we receive at no extra cost to you.
You can also set up a standing order for regular donations.

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We generally ask that all donated items have a long shelf life (i.e., the “use-by” date is a long way off). We cannot store fresh fruit/vegetables, or any items which need to be kept in the fridge or freezer.

Up-to-date list of needed items: Food list