Please do NOT call at our office for food parcels. Click here to find out how to get a voucher and redeem it.


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Anyone can find they’re unable to cope with food costs, but you will need a voucher in order to claim food parcels. See one of our referrers to see if you qualify for a voucher.

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If you really are still struggling, please contact us so that we can make an assessment of your situation.

If you need halal meat, we can replace standard tinned meat items with a voucher, and information about how to redeem it.

Some high-profile politicians and pundits have alleged this, but a report commissioned by DefRA (the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) disagrees. You can download the report here.

The report’s authors went so far as to state:

We found no evidence to support the idea that increased food aid provision is driving demand.

All available evidence, both in the UK and internationally, points in the opposite direction. Put simply, there is more need, and informal food aid providers are trying to help.

But you don’t need a Government report to work this one out. At every stage of a Luton Foodbank client’s journey, he or she is offered professional support and encouraged to take the right steps to remedy their situation. Significantly, most foodbanks—including Luton Foodbank—operate a policy limiting the number of uses someone can make of their service. Any so-called “dependency” would have a maximum duration of about two weeks. Since 87% of our users are back on their feet after only one or two visits, the pundits clearly didn’t do their homework.


Please do NOT call at our office for food parcels. Click here to find out how to get a voucher and redeem it.

If you are experiencing a financial crisis and cannot afford enough food, you should call:

Mon-Fri: Luton Borough Council Crisis Support on 0800 456 1673 or Citizen Advice Bureau on 0844 245 1285. Sat: Call at Discover Islam, Upper George Street.

If you are assessed as being eligible for help, you will be given a voucher to take to one of our food distribution points.

Main page: Get food

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