We're excited to present this year's Reverse Advent Calendar.

Since it was launched in 2016, it has become one of our most popular campaigns. It's a fun and painless way to help ensure no-one in Luton goes hungry at this time of year. Your kids will love it!

If you're new to the Advent Calendar, here's how it works:

  1. Use the download link (below) to get your copy of the calendar.
  2. Print the calendar and stick it somewhere prominent, like your fridge door.
  3. Find yourself a sturdy box.
  4. Each day of December, check the Advent Calendar, and place that day's suggested item into your box.
  5. When your box is complete, drop it off at the foodbank office from Thursday 2 January onwards. (If you're keen to have your donations reach people in time for Christmas, you can always top up the box early and drop it off by Friday 6 December.)
That's all there is to it. Thank you very much for taking part and for bringing some Christmas cheer to Luton.
  • Download Advent Calendar

    This year's calendar is A5 (half the size of A4) to reduce ink usage, which saves you money and helps the environment.

    Please note: If you'd rather re-use your print of last year's calendar, that's absolutely fine!